Turbos Vs Superchargers, Pros & Cons
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Turbos Vs Superchargers, Pros & Cons

Turbos: Pros:

  • More efficient than superchargers, which means they can provide more power while using less fuel.
  • Can produce more power at higher RPMs, which can be beneficial for certain driving styles.
  • Turbocharged engines can often be “tuned” to produce even more power with relatively simple modifications.
  • Can improve engine performance without adding significant weight or size to the engine.


  • Can suffer from “turbo lag,” which is a delay in power delivery as the turbo spools up.
  • Can generate significant heat, which can be a concern for engine durability and cooling.
  • Turbocharging systems can be more complex and expensive than supercharging systems.
  • May require additional maintenance and servicing over time.

Superchargers: Pros:

  • Generally have better low-end power delivery, which can be beneficial for daily driving.
  • Typically more reliable and have fewer maintenance requirements than turbos.
  • Can be easier to install and tune than turbos.


  • Less efficient than turbos, which can result in decreased fuel economy.
  • May add significant weight or size to the engine.
  • May not produce as much power at higher RPMs as a turbocharger.

It’s important to note that these pros and cons are generalizations. Your driving style and scenario will play a huge part in the decision making progress. For example lets say you have a C6 Corvette, in time attack where grip is paramount you might benefit from a supercharger where the smaller packaging (no need to re-run exhaust gasses to wherever the turbo is) may allow for improved aero especially in the front end where instead of having header piping you can fit brake ducting. If the same C6 was making an appearance at TX2K for a 1/2 mile or 1 mile top speed run, it would make more sense to have a turbo setup to make as much peak power as possible without the power draw of a supercharger. 

Ultimately there is no right answer, driving styles, maintenance requirements, budget, power goals etc. All of these factors make an impact on the ideal choice and it varies per driver, at Parts Plug we have a mix of supercharged and turbocharged cars, contact us today if you need any help deciding what’s best for you and your needs



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