Terms And Conditions

This Agreement was last modified on 27 May 2018.

Thank you for shopping with Parts Plug. Please note that by making any purchases either in store or online, you are agreeing to the following terms.


All electronics sales are final, all other products can only be exchanged due to incorrect vehicle fitment (if ordered using our vehicle search function, you must provide us with an accurate description of your vehicle so we can confirm fitment) or faulty/damaged components and Parts Plug MUST be notified within 3 days of product delivery.

All other returns, exchanges, price discrepancies or order cancellations are subject to approval and will be provided as store credit to be used for any product/service and does not expire. Customers are NOT charged any fees for a return/cancellation if its due to an error or omission caused by Parts Plug.

Please note that we can not issue refunds for orders that exceed the ETA provided at the time of purchase, we make every attempt possible to bring products in as quickly as we can, however manufacturer delays, shipping delays, customs delays and human error all contribute to inaccurate estimated lead times and are out of our control. An estimated lead time is not guaranteed.


Most items are delivered within 7-14 business days. We ship from various warehouses across both Canada and the United States, if an order is estimated to take longer than this, the customer will be made aware and will have the option of cancelling the order. Customers will NEVER be charged duties or any additional taxes after the products are paid for on our site

Special Orders

Due to the nature of some items that are built to order, a return, refund or order cancellation may not be possible, if this is the case Parts Plug will contact the customer and make them aware prior to finalizing the order.

Order Cancellations

Parts Plug will attempt to cancel any orders at the customers request however this is not always possible. If a customer purchases a special order item, items facing extended delivery times or backordered items they will be notified prior to finalizing the order and be given the option to cancel, all other items may only be cancelled if the item hasn’t shipped out, once an item has shipped it is considered final.

Deposits/Holds On Items

Customers who place an order on the website or in store and pay IN FULL at the time of order have 60 days from date of arrival of said items to pick them up (if they chose to pick up instead of getting them shipped) after which we retain the right to charge storage fees amounting to 2% of the order total per week. Customers who place a deposit for any amount other than the order total have 30 days from the day we receive said items to pick them up and pay the balance. After 30 days we retain the right to keep a portion or the whole the deposit to cover re-stocking/order cancellation fees, the deposit may be returned at our sole discretion if we are able to sell the items to another customer.

Product Images

Please note that product images do not always reflect the products included in the order as some product images are generic images provided by the manufacturer. Customers must ensure that the part they want is correct by referencing the part number and ensuring proper fitment for their vehicle. 


Due to the nature of our pricing structure and the volatile currency exchange, some items may accidentally be mispriced or go up in price with no advanced notice, we will try our best to honour pricing mistakes but this may not always be possible. We retain the right to cancel an order if there is a pricing issue. 

Warranty & Liability

All products sold by Parts Plug are sold as is to the customer. Parts Plug does NOT offer warranties on any of the products sold. Every product is protected by a standard manufacturer’s warranty instead. Please be advised that any damages or modifcations made to the product will likely void the warranty. Parts Plug is not liable for any labour charges incurred by the customer in any event (due to requiring professional install or modifications) nor is Parts Plug liable for any charges incurred due to additional parts being required to complete repairs/modifications ie tuner lug nuts for aftermarket wheels which weren’t provided or top mounts for coilovers that do not come with them from the manufacturer. We will always try to alert customers of potential issues beforehand.

When labour (installations) is performed on customer vehicles by Parts Plug we take every reasonable precaution to avoid damage. In some instances especially with older vehicles there is a significant chance of collateral damage that is unforseeable simply due to factors out of our control such as rust caused by winter conditions. For example a common issue when installing lowering springs is broken lower strut mounts because the nut can seize to the damper and shear off during removal requiring new shocks. In these cases additional parts/labour time is needed and this cost is passed on to the customer.  We make every attempt to inform the customer of situations like these before additional charges are incurred however sometimes its just not possible. We will always inform the customer prior to pickup and obtain authorization to incur additional charges, we try to discount these extra charges as much as we can since we understand that its very inconvenient for our valued customers. If a customer declines additional charges and the car can not safely be put back together the vehicle must be towed from the premises as is and Parts Plug bears no liability in the costs associated with bringing the vehicle back into a safe operating condition.

Parts Plug offers a standard warranty for all labour performed (installations, repairs etc) ONLY when a customer purchases parts from us. For example if a customer purchases brakes from us and would like us to install it as well, they are covered by 1 year parts and labour warranty, if in 4 months the brakes are warped, the customer may come back and there is no cost to replace the faulty parts. If a customer provides their own parts, there is no warranty whatsoever, even on the labour, regardless of the issues or cause of the issues. The only exception to our warranty is if the manufacturer warranty is less than 1 year (in these circumstances the customer will be made aware of the shorter warranty period), in this case the labour is still warranted for the whole year but not the product, in the same example above, if the brakes are no longer under warranty Parts Plug will still replace them for for free within 1 year but the customer has to purchase the parts at their own cost. 

Parts Plug is not liable for any damages or injuries resulting from using or installing the products purchased from our website or installed by us in our facility. Due to strict government regulations, some products that we sell are not approved for street/highway use. These items can only be used at the track or off-road. Removal of reinforcements, bumpers, turn signals, and other safety equipment on the vehicle is at the customer’s discretion. Parts Plug will not be responsible for the customer’s actions and we encourage all our customers to familiarize themselves with local regulations and the products being purchased to ensure the legality of the modifications being performed.

Customers will be required to place a deposit in order to confirm certain appointments, the deposit amount varies and the sales rep or service advisor will inform you of this amount well in advance. Deposits are always taken off the invoice total, the customer does not pay any more or less by placing a deposit. If a customer cancels or doesn’t show up for the appointment the deposit may be forfeited at the sole discretion of Parts Plug, generally we require 3 business days notice to cancel or move an appointment however we are always willing to accommodate customer requests *if* its possible on our end, simply call or email us and we will see what we can do. 
Misc Terms

Old parts – customers always have the option of requesting their old parts back. Please let us know at the time of service if you would like any/all of the old parts and they can be set aside or put back in the vehicle for pickup. Failure to let us know at the time of vehicle drop off can lead to parts being thrown out and therefore being irretrievable, once the vehicle is completed there is no guarantee that the parts can be picked up later simply due to how used parts are disposed, we always try to make a reasonable attempt to assist our customers but this is not always possible. The only exception to this is when core charges apply to the new parts, the customer would have to pay the core charge in order to keep the old parts, this is commonly the case with brake calipers, ac compressors, alternators and starters however may include other items as well.