PUR-E85 265 Gallon Tote (1000L) Oshawa Pickup Only

Current price $3.05/L guaranteed minimum 80% Ethanol

Deposit required for tote unless you bring your own grounded and approved tote!

*Volume is corrected to 1000L at 20C, the level indication might be higher or lower than the 1000L mark depending on ambient temperature


SKU PUR-E851000L


E85 Blends Guaranteed @ Minimum 80% Ethanol

By definition E85 can be anywhere between 51% to 83% Ethanol however our fuel is consistently tested to ensure a minimum of 80%, this means more power and more consistency, a requirement for tuning and winning races.

E85 In Toronto. Endless Benefits & Endless Power

There are many benefits to running E85 especially in the search for more power. Boosted applications can see a monumental increase in power output, our 2 shop cars both saw upwards of 100% increase in power, yes we doubled the wheel horsepower on E. Give yourself an advantage and use E85 for racing, a few key benefits include:

Higher Octane Rating: E85 has a higher octane rating than regular gasoline. This higher octane can allow for increased compression ratios and more advanced ignition timing in high-performance engines, leading to significantly improved power and efficiency.

Cooler Combustion: Ethanol has a higher heat of vaporization compared to gasoline, which means it absorbs more heat during the vaporization process. This can result in cooler combustion temperatures, reducing the risk of engine knock and allowing for more aggressive tuning.

Increased Oxygen Content: E85 contains more oxygen than regular gasoline, which can lead to better combustion efficiency. The additional oxygen allows for a more complete burn of the fuel, resulting in increased power output.

Lower Exhaust Gas Temperatures: The higher oxygen content and cooler combustion temperatures can contribute to lower exhaust gas temperatures. This can be beneficial for the longevity of engine components, particularly turbos in high-performance applications.

Higher Boost Levels: The cooling effect of ethanol and its higher octane rating enables engines to handle higher levels of boost in forced induction applications, such as turbocharging or supercharging.

Reduced Carbon Buildup: Ethanol has a cleaning effect on fuel system components, potentially reducing carbon deposits in the combustion chamber and on valves. This can help maintain engine efficiency over time.

Ethanol Blended Fuels Disclaimer!

Ethanol blended fuels such as E85 or E98 can damage your vehicle if its not tuned and prepared for the use of E. Talk to your tuner and make sure your vehicle is equipped with all the required components & modifications required. It is your responsibility to make sure your car can handle the new fuel and also the significant increase in power that comes from using E85. If you are unsure about anything send our expert sales team a message and we can help you through the process.

*Our Ethanol blended fuels are meant for off road purposes only such as on the racetrack. They may not conform to local regulations for use on emission controlled vehicles driven on public roads. For this reason we will not pump directly into your vehicles fuel tank, it must be pumped into an approved container or purchased by the drum. By purchasing from us you acknowledge that your vehicle is capable of handling the fuel and it will only be used off road! You must sign a disclosure when purchasing this fuel.

Depending on purchase quantity we can arrange for delivery within a 1 hour drive of our shop in Oshawa