KW V3 Leveling Coilover 2015+ Volkswagen Golf MK7/MK8 GTI w/o Electronic Dampers 352088000N

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Cutting-edge motorsports technology for more performance on the road. Like every suspension product developed by KW automotive, the suspension manufacturer, and manufactured in Germany, the KW V3 Coilover suspension kit also provides a significant plus in safety reserves in road traffic. Thanks to the chassis with its high-quality dampers, springs, and elastomer spring elements, pitching and rolling movements during load changes such as evasive maneuvers, cornering, acceleration, and braking are significantly reduced. The braking distances are also shortened. Thanks to improved support and feedback, drivers not only feel safer but driving in everyday life becomes even safer.


Weight 55.7 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 18 × 6 in

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