H&R 13-19 BMW 640i Grand Coupe F06 VTF Adjustable Lowering Springs (Incl. Adaptive Drive) 23000-2

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VTF Adjustable Lowering Springs
Lowers approx. 0.30 ? 2.7? on average*
Designed to work with original equipment electronic shocks
Precision adjustment collars and spring perches
H&R VTF kits are designed to work with your vehicles original electronic shocks. Specific rate springs provide superb ride quality and comfort, while reducing body roll, offering more balance and control to your ride. H&R VTF packages are made with light weight, high tensile strength spring alloy, feature a limited lifetime warranty, and are T?V approved


Weight 30.2 lbs
Dimensions 24.1 × 18.1 × 7.6 in